Commercial Roofing In Louisville

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Commercial Roofing In Louisville

Commercial roofs differ from residential roofs in construction, material, and maintenance. All Seasons Roofing specializes in commercial roofing in Louisville. Backed by 50 years in business and the latest technology, we create solutions saving you time and money.

What types of commercial roofs are there?

Commercial roofs are typically flatter than their residential counterparts. Flat roofs require drainage but are useful as a place for air conditioners, elevator rooms, and other necessary building equipment requiring security, or which would take up valuable parking space.

While shingles are used in some instances, often in older retail spaces, commercial roofing uses more durable materials as aesthetic appeal is less of a concern. Construction materials range from thermoplastic polyolefin to metal.

TPO Roofs

Thermoplastic Polyolefin is the most popular roofing material today. The smooth surfaces resist dirt, limit bacterial growth, and are ENERGY STAR rated.

TPO reflects the sun and is non-porous. Membranes may be reinforced and are available in 50 and 60-millimeter thicknesses. This material is used for flat roofs and shares many of the same characteristics as a Duro-Last roof.

Metal Roof

When a flat roof is not desirable, metal roofs are a terrific solution. Metal keeps the elements from reaching your interior.

The material is common for gazebos and national parks where longevity and resistance to the elements are required. They can be sloped and shaped to fit your needs as well.


When your roof is in place, you need to ensure proper function with regular maintenance. The cost of damage stacks over time.

Your roof protects you from the elements. When water and ice seep into your walls, mold, rot, and structural damage are all possible. A leaky roof allows hot and cold air to escape as well.

What is the cost of my air conditioner?

Air conditioning and heating are expensive. Equipment requires electricity, gas, and mechanical parts to function.

The cost of maintaining a 1200-foot space is $250 per month. Leaks force your heater or air conditioner to work harder to retain the same temperature. This wears parts faster, easily adding dozens or even hundreds of dollars to your bill with repairs starting at $150.

How can technology save me money on roofing?

Leaks and cracks allow air to escape. Most commercial buildings are not the same temperature as the exterior.

Thermal imaging allows our professionals to discover leaks through temperature variation. Forward-looking infrared cameras spot warmer or colder air leaving your business to help us find sections that need to be repaired or where you may benefit from a more comprehensive solution.

Commercial Roofing in Louisville

Commercial roofing options prefer durable material longevity over the aesthetic appeal. This is not always the case as metal roofs are a perfect way to stave off the elements.

With over fifty years in business, we have experience working with almost any material on any sized project. Whether you are creating an outdoor haven, office, or indoor retail paradise, we can help. Get in touch with our experts today for a roofing cost estimate.

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Commercial Roofing In Louisville

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